For more than five decades, Moog Industrial was known as a respected designer/manufacturer of hydraulic and electric servovalves. But to lead in today’s global marketplace, Moog needed to leverage their consultative expertise in crafting high performance solutions rather than simply competing with off-the-shelf component providers.

"What Moves Your World" engages machine design engineers who truly seek to push the performance envelope. Mobium’s role encompasses b2b brand strategy and support for Moog marketing professionals worldwide, ensuring a consistent and powerful brand across 26 countries.


Moog Identity


What happens when you design around a vision instead of a spec?Zoom button

What happens when you start with a question instead of a component?Zoom button

What happens when you replace what now? "With what if?"Zoom button

Internal branding

Moog brand book

Tradeshow exhibit

Moog tradeshow exhibitZoom button

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