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Herff Jones has a rich tradition of producing some of the world’s most recognizable symbols of academic achievement —from class rings and graduation apparel to yearbooks and championship jewelry. The company partnered with Mobium to tell its story in a compelling and emotional way.

The powerful idea behind the program is simple: reflect the tireless work and genuine passion of Herff Jones customers—teachers, advisor, coaches, administrators—as they work to create a climate of achievement in their schools.


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The Herff Jones Teacher Shout Out (TeacherShoutOut.com) is a community of gratitude that brings together students and educators, past and present, to share stories and notes of appreciation. The community has received thousands of heartfelt Shout Outs since its introduction in 2013, and Herff Jones has responded by giving back to the academic community through teacher rewards and cause-related donations. Check out this unique communications platform—and please consider leaving a Shout Out of your own.


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